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Shepherd note: Mar 27, 2014 by Byron Palmer

March 27th

Nate: Planted seeds, see GE experiements, some in mud where they slept under the madrone/oak clump. some in the vinca where they are about to go. Planting seeds is hard, act of faith, but there isn’t much better than seeing them coming up. Bracing for weather. Manure is still loose. If it weren’t for the threat of rain we would have been in the orchard long ago where the grass is more mature, but we are trying to save that for as long as possible.

Byron: Cattle are still in the 2nd paddock. I quit coffee yesterday for a week or so experiment and I have to say that the cattle feel more calm when I’m not on a stimulant. I also had more energy, though it was steady and sustained. Kinda of like a perennial grass. One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that the cattle seem to pass on the sedges. This early in the season they aren’t interested. They will be when it dries up. It only drizzled in the morning so it was pretty clear today. However there looks to be rain on the horizon for Saturday and Monday. We are putting off getting cattle at petaluma until it dries out. The cattle have chewed up the grass a little bit in the rain but not anything too noticeable. The ecological implications seem fine with how much impact they have given. We are planning on putting the cattle in the parking lot on the woods road tomorrow afternoon to get ready for the rain.