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Shepherd note: Mar 26, 2014 by Byron Palmer

March 26th:

Byron: The cattle are still in paddock 2 with rains on and off. We grazed the low spot on it yesterday and today they were back in the forest towards the house. The rain in the forecast is big for saturday and we might ship the cattle on Friday if we are slated for big rain Saturday and Monday. If Monday backs off we will just put the cattle on the woods road and feed them some hay we are going to buy. But we wouldn’t want to have to feed more then two days. The late rains are great for the grass season we are guessing though.

Nate: After stressing about weather we got to work on a few things, see how it goes. They grazed the coyote bush patch which is always fun. they didn’t eat much coyote bush but that ususally how it goes this time of year. Tons of little Elymus (?) one tillers in and amongst the bare ground. Hopefully they make it. First flowers on vetch. Bromus carinatas infloresceces started to unfurl. Seeing poppies coming up from last years fall seeding.