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Shepherd note: Mar 22, 2014 by Nate Chisholm

March 22nd

Nate: Moved cattle from the front meadow to the middle meadow first thing this morning. I probably should have done it last night but there were logistics. I worried more than I needed to and I just need to settle down a little bit. Moved them onto frosted forage so watched for bloat, and watching to see if there is any impact on the plants but I doubt there will be since they are eating everything. The grass is young. We are going to the middle meadow early because there is rain in the forecast for next week and we want to save the orchard hill for then. The orchard hill in contrast really wants to be grazed now, but thats the way it goes. They are going through the grass really fast cause it is so ice creamy. And it is going through them fast too. But they already look better. I think there is half of what there was last year, and we were on it ten days earlier last year. They are on the meadow knob which is covered in poppies and looks really good. The crows are already hitting the manure from yesterday or the day before.