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Shepherd note: Mar 21, 2014 by Byron Palmer

March 21st:

Nate: Maybe a little too much to try to graze around the house on the first day. Nothing bad happened, their just a little restless still. They ate the weeds on the road bank right into the ground. They didn’t seem to do much grazing overnight. didnt see any regrowth. Manure more firm, but the stuff we are in is a little father along then the stuff that we are about to move into in the middle meadow.

Byron: Cattle are still in the front paddock 1 where we dropped them off, though the 3 acres has been subdivided into 3 paddocks already. It feels much better to have the cattle as part of workflow as working with cattle is so much better than talking about working with cattle. #20 seems to continue to still work on the edge of the herd, #7 still is bullying everyone.
Working the animals is fun and also frustrating as trying to get back into the swing of getting cattle to go where you want them all 50,000 pounds of them works well. The weather is about 65 today and we might get some rain on wednesday. Also I still have a theory that the animal on the outside of the heard draws movement a lot for the time as it wanders off even though it is the weakest it still pulls others. ergo it can be a pain in the arse.