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Shepherd note: Mar 20, 2014 by Byron Palmer

March 20th

Nate: Unloaded the cattle in the front at the gate in glen ellen, Cattle came calm, but there is a little bit of an adjustment period. They looked thin but they didn’t act too hungry. the paddock they were off loaded into was too big, but I’m not sure I would have done anything about it. Since it was too big they had a patchy graze. their manure started to stiffen up a little bit by the end of the day though there is still plenty of runny shit. There are a few boot stage oats and rip gut, most of it is still real vegetative. There were seed heads on mystery perennial number one beneath the wood chips and it only showed up a few months ago. The oak leaves have a bunch of really bright tender growth on them, it will be interesting to see what they do to all the babies. ate turkey tails off of logs. They avoided the poppies in in full bloom.

Byron: Cattle Arrived from Guido and are settling in, in the front pasture by the house. The arrived calm. Having them step out of the trailer felt so good as it has been a while since we have worked with them. #34 looks the worst out of the first load and most of them look like they have been having protein squirts for a while. The do not look unhealthy, but they do look skinny. #20 looks to live out on the edge of the animals as an outsider. It looks like we are going to get ½ of rain next wednesday which will adjust our grazing plans thus far.