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Shepherd note: Jul 09, 2014 by Byron Palmer

  • DATE: July 9, 2014
  • GRID UNITS: 1e, 1f, 1g, 2e, 2f

Cattle have been a little over two weeks. They are going through the forage about 50% slower than we predicted. They have spent the last week in unit F and now in Unit 1 heading north east around the boundary of the property. They seem to be healthy, but they have lost their shiny look. They might be maintaining weight, but I can’t imagine they are gaining. They are handling well and drive away from you nicely and calmly. Nate has been seeding around the water tanks with various native seed mixes. The weather last week was very hot, but this week it has cooled off with fog and haze to ease the heat. The cattle are drinking a lot upwards of 1250 gallons on a hot day, but more like 750 on cool days for 133,000 pounds of cattle. Having the Mondays where Nate and I work together to set up the unit infrastructure and break down last weeks unit infrastructure has been great. Using a vehicle to set up the fencing has made things a lot faster. I am really looking forward to using an ATV with a giant bobbin to get more fencning out in the future. We are going to start making bigger paddocks and walking the cattle over the forage more in order to improve performance.