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Shepherd note: April 12, 2014 by Byron Palmer

  • DATE: April 12, 2014
  • GRID UNITS: 2c, 2d

Moved the cattle from 4A, 4B where we had them in their Training fence over night into unit 3 at grid points 2C and 2D. None of the cattle were out in the morning which was a good thing. Once we got the cattle into the unit fence it was hard to push them uphill over good feed. They were hungary. It would have been smarter to put them in the lower areas instead of trying to push them up the hill. When I came back later in the day the cattle had eaten quite a bit of forage and were ready to move. The seemed to be eating pretty fast due to the weight they lost in transport. I am glad they are moving fast as we want to get around the property before the grass goes all reproductive and losses it’s photo synthesis capacity. Also moved them into some fiddle neck which they seemed to eat.