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Shepherd note: Apr 21, 2014 by Nate Chisholm

Shipped out of glen ellen. It went pretty smooth. I should have moved the corral about eight feet back for loading. The cattle were calm and we didn’t have many problems. They averaged 2.85 pounds per day it seems. I’m happy with that. It is the very best time of the year and the cattle came in in bad condition so those numbers are probably inflated some, although they were also in the drylot eating crappy hay for three days and I did make them do some work while they were here. Grazed bucks, but it was the last day so there was a lot left. Still it was good to knock down the tall stuff and that sort of thing. The big question going forward is whether I fucked up the front meadow by grazing it or the middle meadow by not grazing it. Probably one or the other is not optimum, though with the trials last year I was left with the impression that there is quite a bit of latitude on that question. Ideally I would have come back in a couple weeks but, that isn’t going to happen. the downside of doing it this way on a small property. At the moment the middle meadow looks really good. lots of vetch in flower. the elymus and the b. carinatus have all gone to inflor. the harding grass has about two leaves, the tall fescue has hardly done anything.