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Shepherd note: Apr 20, 2014 by Nate Chisholm

Moved into bucks today. wishing they would get through the grass faster. Higher density, quicker moves in the tongue of the front meadow, see if there is a difference. Just hoping they knock the grass down in bucks, theres too much for them to eat it all. He has brodeas up there I don’t see any on our property,, planted with crimson clover and wheat, but all the foxtails have gone over, there isn’t nearly as much grass as it looks, still won’t get through it all before we ship tomorrow. Oaks are coming up all over the place, its crazy. hey hardly touched the oaks that were in their paddock, even this late, when they were in there for four hours, but the oaks by the water tank that were in the paddock for over twenty four hours look a little haggard. Shame, cause those were hit when they went through before, a month ago. In summary, this is a tough time to manage. April 15 to June 15, I’m just not super confident about what to do. It seems likes its going to be ragged no matter what we do. I’m ready to just let it go during this time of year and knock it all down after the solstice.