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Shepherd note: Apr 15, 2016 by Byron Palmer

Interesting observation of the effect of rest on pasture. The first three photos were taken in the most productive pasture we have on the Mitsui property. The photos are of an exclosure that has not been grazed this season and the area around it outside the square in electric fence that has once. This photo was taken around April 12th. The area inside the square has a great deal more material not having been grazed like the area outside of it. The area outside was grazed at the end of February. High production pasture benefiting from a longer rest, or belated start date in the growing season. However the second three photos are of an exclosure that was not grazed inside the box on the right. The pasture outside the square was grazed in late February as well. However there is little perceptible difference between the exclosure which received more rest and the grazed area. This is less productive ground then the first photos. They question I have is how does the capacity for production effect the benefits of rest during the grazing season.