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Shepherd note: Apr 04, 2014 by Byron Palmer

The cattle were in Pasture 5 again Today near the top. Nate conducted various seed planting experiments after the cattle grazed an area, then another where he did it after and then walked it in and then a third just outside on the road area of paddock 5 where we did it before he had them graze. Apparently 23 has been sick and she definitely was lethargic. In some of the areas in paddock 5 we grazed the cattle punched through the ground and have caused quite a disturbance. It will be interesting to see how it comes back. We also prepped the orchard today to be grazed as it hasn’t been grazed before. That should be interesting.

Nate: Decided to skip the areas with california fescue in the back. We are supposed to get warm weather and with all the moisture these grasses will be able to get a lot of recovery. They’re almost ready but not quite and I think that ten days just might do it. Put them into the orchard deer fence. Something of a historic moment. It is really soggy in the low ground and I worry about tearing it up in the coming days.