Shepherd note: Feb 02, 2017

Well, this has been the wettest season I have ever seen grazing. It is obviously needed and we welcome it. It has also brought so much wet and cold that the grass has just not really grown since November much. We are very lucky we left a great amount of residual behind at Mitsui and our other locations as this helped protect the soil from too much impact in the heavy rains. We think this years larger herds have been better and had a better more uniform impact. Together with the larger herds, residual and rain the impact so far has been pretty great. They are definitely impacting the soil, but the hove prints are pretty light for the most part and they are not punching through regularly. It will be great to see how the grass grows come March.

Shepherd note: Apr 15, 2016

Interesting observation of the effect of rest on pasture. The first three photos were taken in the most productive pasture we have on the Mitsui property. The photos are of an exclosure that has not been grazed this season and the area around it outside the square in electric fence that has once. This photo was taken around April 12th. The area inside the square has a great deal more material not having been grazed like the area outside of it. The area outside was grazed at the end of February. High production pasture benefiting from a longer rest, or belated start date in the growing season. However the second three photos are of an exclosure that was not grazed inside the box on the right. The pasture outside the square was grazed in late February as well. However there is little perceptible difference between the exclosure which received more rest and the grazed area. This is less productive ground then the first photos. They question I have is how does the capacity for production effect the benefits of rest during the grazing season.

Grazing report: Grazed Mar 17, 2016 – Mar 19, 2016

Shepherd note: Mar 18, 2016

Moved the cattle to their next paddock down through a stream bank. It was very wet from the heavy rains this year. I am curious if this impact will recover well or better then it was before. I don;t have before photos, but here is the first stage of impact after heavy impact event. The area had previous erosion.

Shepherd note: Feb 22, 2016

We conducted an experiment February 22’nd 2016, where we put 100,000 pounds of animals on one acre for 1.5 hours to simulate a high density event. Our goal is to see how the grass in that experimental zone compares to the regular management zone over time.

Shepherd note: Dec 15, 2015

This area had a heavy impact for a short duration during the non growing season in May of 2015. Her it is in December of 2015 coming along nicely. The area with the heavy traffic looks better with more vibrant vegetation.