Shepherd note: Nov 03, 2016

With Sustained combined early October Rains and some warm sunny days we have a good deal of grass growing up through our residual grass left over from last year. It will be interesting to see how this grass year shapes up for us.

Shepherd note: April 9, 2014

The cattle were in unit 2 today in grid location 3A. I feel a lot better today after having fully recovered from a very long hot day on monday. The stock seem healthy and as they were when the arrived a little flighty still. There flight zones vary quite a bit. It was warm today maybe 70 or so. The grass looks like it is about to really start going to seed. The oats and some other annuals have really gone to seed, but overall most of the forage is still vegetative. The cattle are staying in the same paddock we had them in yesterday as there was still quite a bit of grass in it. We are not worried about high densities right now as we have two herds and have another shipment coming in Friday. Realized today that we could use a box of gear just for setting up a training area. Fence posts with two clips that are always ready to go and fence flags.


Shepherd note: April 7, 2014

Byron: Receiving Day. The Day began at 5:30 AM. The cattle that were dropped off where fairly small with several in the 300+ pound range. They also were not trained well to the fence. We had quite a few getting out. Additionally the alley in the corrals was too wide for many of the small animals and most of them turned around while trying to weigh which caused quite a rukus. One animal we think green 210, took off after walking under the line and being shocked. She remains somewhere likely on the property. We got 90% of the animals weighed. It was definitely a long day but good to get cattle on the ground. We had the first paddock set up pretty big between 4A, 5A, 5B in unit 2. The ground was still a little wet from past rains. We want to get to the front driveway areas as fast as possible so as to graze the viewshed there first.