Always Eager To Learn More about Grassland Restoration From Those Around Us.

Wow, last week was an exciting week for us as we had visitors from the McConnell Foundation from Reading, CA. come down to see how and what we do at S.M.I. in person.  On April 18th we started the day by discussing and observing the use of cattle to restore grasslands in a more cost-effective manner with the use of shepherds.  We then went to visit the Marin Carbon Project located in Nicasio, California  It was there that both our friends from the McConnell Foundation and our staff from S.M.I.  had a wonderful time with John Wick and all that he had to share about the benefits of using cattle to sequester carbon.  On April 19th our staff at S.M.I. came together at the California Native Grassland Association’s Field Day at Hedgerow Farms located in Winters, California.  The day included a walking tour that discussed the importance of restoration, pollinators, and specific grassland species.  While the tour given by hayride discussed the importance of restoration in regards to roadsides, hedgerows, tail water ponds, pollinators, rangelands, and canals.   Both tours were very informative and as expected, to see Hedgerow Farms in person was simply amazing as you can see in the photos below.

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