California Native Grassland Association Workshop Report

On October 25, 2012 one our employees from S.M.I. attended the hands on California Native Grassland Restoration workshop.  The workshop instructors, JP Marie and Brian Young gave a well thought out, very organized and informative workshop that included  guest speakers; Vic Classen a soil expert from U.C. Davis and  Andrew Rayburn, a Postdoctoral Fellow from the Department of Plant Sciences from  U.C. Davis.  The workshop included information on various tilling equipment and calibration techniques, how to identify the viability and purity of purchased seeds, showed the difference in grassland restoration techniques by walking sample pieces of restored land, in addition to connecting the attendees with various other people/ ranches that feel passionately about restoring grasslands.  A lot of valuable information was gathered  and connections were established from this informative day.  It is great to see and hear how other practitioners approach Grassland Restoration.  We look forward to attending other CNGA workshops in the future.

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