December 2009 Planting at Maude Hill

With winter moving in with grace and thankfully, rain, the second seed sowing from August, strong and healthy, was planted the week of December 3rd. We chose a western facing slope, known as Maude Hill, that with good drainage and light seemed a good match for the timing of this planting. The grass plugs were dug in with a hand held tool and given a space of eight inches diameter for open space and a head start to the surrounding annuals. The plugs were spaced approximately in two foot spacing, given the growth habit of the grasses. Three plots of Purple Needle Grass, Nasella pulchra, were dispersed throughout the greater plot area, with the groupings of 2400, 2000, and 600. Two plots of Foothill Needle Grass, Nasella lepida, with groupings of 1000 and 800. The Blue Wild Rye, Elymus glaucus, was planted in mass, with 3200 plugs.

All starts seem to be doing well, showing new growth on both the blades and root.

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