Comparing teas made with different amounts of Turf Pro – 2

OK, I completed another round of brews and testing on the turf pro trial. Now we have 3 brews for each of the different amounts of product, all made under similar conditions, and all using the same compost resource.

Comparing teas made with different amounts of Turf Pro

In looking at the results, I don’t know how to read this other than as inconclusive. Looking at the averages suggests that both no foods and 3 liters of turf pro had a positive effect on total fungi. However, looking at the standard deviation kind of evens everything out. Then looking at individual brew results suggests that each brew is pretty variable even when using the same compost.

So what is the next step? Run more rounds of samples and average all of them out? What does that mean for a grower who will only do one or two applications of tea in a season?

This takes me back to earlier observations that suggest that, as much as anything, it all depends on which scoop of compost you grab from the pile. Maybe playing some Marvin Gaye would get the fungi “in the mood” so to speak…but how would you test that?


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