New Compost Pile – RED

Created a new compost pile on 12/03/07, using similar methods and ingredients as for previous piles. The ID tag for this pile is C-120307-RED. It has been a little slow to heat up, especially after changing its location. Temperatures should hopefully increase after adding more alfalfa on 12/10. Generally I’d say this ended up being a low-nitrogen pile; we may need to add alfalfa consistently the next several times turning.


  • 30% Oak wood chips
  • 25% Willow wood chips – includes leaves and ramial twigs
  • 10% Rice hay – shredded, partially decomposing in pile
  • 10% Dried cut grass – some shredded and some not, also partially decomposing
  • 10% Freshly cut greens – forbs growing around compost pad
  • 10% Garden greens – mostly beet greens, bermuda grass, & purslane
  • 5% Alfalfa – 1/3 bale
  • Amendments – oyster shell, rock dust, coarse dry humics, crab, baby oatmeal

Temperatures for C-120307-RED, first 9 days

RED Pile

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